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Our infant room has a capacity for 8 infants from 6 weeks to 18 months. Infants in this room are cared for by Ms. Erica and Ms.Mia who work to help each infant to develop and acquire new skills. Such skills can include rolling, sitting, crawling and walking. The children are read to, sung with, danced with and provided with lots of love and nurturing. Transitional activities occur around 16 months to prepare them for the move to young toddlers at 18 months.

The Young Toddlers have a maximum group size of 12 children with 2 teachers. ​They range in age from 18months - 2 1/2 years. Ms. Lauren works on skills such as eating independently, drinking from a cup, beginning toilet training and washing their own hands. These children are also learning lots of new words and increasing their vocabulary through books, songs and activities. Colors and shapes are also beginning to be introduced. 

The older Toddler classroom also has a capacity for 12 children  aged 2 1/2 - 3  with two teachers. Ms.Rosalyn works on self-help skills, alphabet, number and shape recognition as well as other skills necessary to prepare them for preschool. Learning through play is an important way for the children to gain needed skills through everyday activities. They also take advantage of our local library and take neighborhood walks to explore.

Our Preschool classroom is home to 20 children ages 3 -5 years old. The preschool as well as all the other classrooms uses The Creative Curriculum. Ms. Elvera and Ms. Ernamel work with the children on all the skills necessary for successful entry into Kindergarten. They work on academic as well as  social skills that Kindergarten teachers say are needed for success. They complete their preschool experience with a graduation ceremony before they start school in the Fall. 

Cleveland Fedkids Director is Jill Juengel. She has 36 years experience working in the Child Development Field with all age groups. She has been the Director since August 2014. Previous to that she was the Preschool Teacher at Fedkids since 2009.

Cleveland Fedkids

If you would like to arrange for a tour to visit our facility or would like more information you can call us at (216) 522-4453 or contact us by email at


"We ​first brought our daughter to Cleveland FedKids when she was 15 months old. We transferred her over from another well know daycare center. Our daughter stayed with the center until she started kindergarten. We enjoyed all the care and attention that our daughter received throughout the years at Cleveland FedKids. During the pandemic Ms. Jill even went out of her way to ensure each child felt that they received a proper graduation from FedKids. The staff have gone above and beyond and have become more like family to us and we are still in contact with them to this day. I would highly recommend Cleveland FedKids to other families"  Phil C.

"Words cannot express the thanks that my family has for each and every FedKids teacher and staff person. They have become a part of our family.  We enrolled at FedKids in 2017 when our son was 10 months old. During this time at FedKids he grew and matured into an amazing, intelligent young man. Our daughter came along a year after and she grew with the FedKids family.  The best assest that FedKids has is its staff that is dedicated to treat kids in the best way and develop them in all areas.  We couldn't be more thankful for everything that FedKids did for us"

Daniela and Jarod P.

"As a parent I love bringing my daugher to Cleveland FedKids. Not only is it a learning center but the majority of the staff has worked at the center for close to 10 years. I truly feel confident and comfortable knowing that the staff are just as invested as the children"

Erin J.

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